Risky Expectations

July 3, 2017


Usually, I am a person who likes to stay nestled in their comfort zone. I’ll make a set of plans for the present and the future, think through the details, go over how things should go according to my plan, and watch (or at least try to watch) things turn out the way I wanted it to. I guess you could describe me as a perfectionist in some areas, and if things don’t go necessarily according to plan, then the world just kind of does a 360 around my head.



Lately, I’ve realized nothing and I mean absolutely nothing has actually gone according to plan. Almost every single thing from freshman year has completely changed for the upcoming sophomore year–new opportunities, new positions, a new job, and so much more. Am I prepared for any of it? I’m trying to be. Do I have an expectation of exactly how I want everything to go sophomore year? Maybe. Should I have an expectation of anything? No. Not at all. 


A while back in high school I would come to one of my best friends with all sorts of the usual highschool-ish problems–you know, boys and overhyped drama of things that really didn’t matter a week later. After several venting sessions with Chinese food, caramel-swirl ice-cream and sleepovers, she told me something that has always stuck with me to this day.

“Expectations lead to disappointments.”


At first, I was like “Whatever, I’m always going to have expectations, it’s inevitable”. However, I guess as life went on, I met with disappointment way more than I wanted to with each expectation I had. So, I stopped having expectations. It took me a couple of years, but I’ve learned to stop being such a perfectionist of how things are going to turn out. Life is beautiful, and life is weird, so just go with it.


I’m not saying let loose on your responsibilities because well, life does come with responsibilities every now and then. I know you probably have a set plan for the next 10 years of your life but literally anything can change, anything can happen tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or even next week. I went into this summer with no expectations and It’s been so great, I’m so so so thankful for it all and the people I’ve spent it with. Going into freshman year I had so many expectations of which are all completely changing next year–but I’m completely fine with that.


If you’re putting in 110% of the work you need to everyday, than you’re good. If you’re continuously looking for ways to move forward and push yourself further, then you’re doing amazing. If you’ve got people who love you and whom you love, you’re doing awesome. Take in all those blessings and cherish them. Kick it back and everything will take care of itself one day– be spontaneous and take that chance that you’ve always been scared to take. Travel to that place you’ve always been hesitant to actually go to. Talk to that person you haven’t in a while. Go to that party if you want to go to it. Have all the ice cream in the fridge if you want ice cream.


It may sound a bit cliche, but life is really too short to stress whether every tiny detail is going according to plan. Change it up a bit and go wherever life takes you–you’ll be surprised what you’ll find yourself stumbling upon.

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