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I think we need to take the time to listen to each other more. the arguing, the tension, the heat of the moment conversations, the shakiness, the confusion, the convincing, the misunderstanding, the bitterness, and the hurt. we need to be patient. and listen. and understand. in a whirlwind of seconds and minutes that go by day to day, words lost in time and feelings left behind, we misunderstand one another for the sole purpose of selfishness. we think we’re right—stubbornly and grudgingly, because we only know what’s ours, hidden in our brains and locked away with the key lost in abyss. I think we should open our minds a bit more. open our hearts a little more. open our thoughts to the thoughts of others, to the feelings of others, and to think about what we may be doing wrong. we don’t know everything. we aren’t superior to ourselves, and we have no business ruling the thoughts of others. it is never our job to teach others how to love and listen. it is their job to teach themselves how to love; how to listen, and open their heart. it is our job, for the sake of ourselves, and for the sake of loving others, to open ourselves up with respect to listening to those around us.