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I promise

I promise you, your needs shouldn't go unnoticed. I promise you--yes, you, that you are confident in what you say and what you think.

you feel from the heart--a heart filled with warmth, compassion, empathy, and love. you think with your mind-- a mind filled with strength, substance, and knowledge. a mind that knows the difference between what's wrong and what's right, the ability to analyze and solve problems, and the ability to persevere.

a mind filled with determination, resilience, and motivation--no matter what happens.

I know that you just want to be understood. to have your feelings--your heart and mind listened to. to speak up. I know you want empathy, and you want love.

I know you come home everyday with a million thoughts in your head of how you could have done better. if you didn't say this one thing, maybe things would have been fine. you come home and wonder why is everything your fault; blaming yourself for everything that happens in your life.

I know you get to the library and overstretch your brain to the point where your head is fuming, sifting through tabs on your computer like it's a game. you rack your brain all night, reminding yourself that if you don't do well, your entire career and everything you've worked for is on the line.

I know you beat yourself up about everything, ranging from the most minor inconvenience of a line of words, to whether or not you should feel how you feel.

I promise you, you're okay.

Here is invisible me, grabbing you by your tightly wound shoulders, looking into your dark, sunken eyes, framed by your messy, rattled brown hair.

you're fine. stop blaming yourself.

you're allowed to feel how you feel. you deserve to be understood, and you deserve to be loved, and you deserve to find comfort in the fact that you are you and who you are is amazing.

smart, determined, strong, and courageous.

you deserve a lifetime of happiness and kindness. a peaceful life where you can truly be you. you deserve to come home and let your brain rest from creating so many burdens onto yourself. you deserve to seek comfort in the fact that you are trying your very best to show up for you, and everyone else you love.

I promise you, you're loved.